I am a filmmaker and creative director that is searching for the vulnerable and intimate in the bigger social topics.

through visual stories I create new conversations between the viewer and the work.  Introducing them to new insights and new perspectives by sharing my vision on these topics.

I want to make my voice heard by making film and installations, within these media I can transform things by directing my vision. In my work I am confronting the viewer with subjects that are often perceived as too vulnerable to talk about, but are subjects that everyone can experience. With this I think it is important to question certain systems – like monogamy, patriarchy and racism – on a deeper level and try to change that. By using audio visual and storytelling I can show the justice it deserves. 

Contact: maudpelmelay@gmail.com or linkedin

**Image by Nas Hosen

BA - Willem de Kooning academie - Transformation design 2018-2022

Vice media Benelux (NL) - research & production video - february 2021 t/m june 2021